The virtual reality for real estate marketplace is loaded with awesome new technology, all of it designed to bring potential buyers closer to their ideal home, even if they can’t visit it in person. There are a number of companies, both large and small, working on virtual reality technology, but San Francisco-based Xspaced offers a unique, all-inclusive VR package designed to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.


Customers can pull up agent info from inside the VR tour.

Xspaced combines several listing essentials into a single offering, providing realtors with high-quality photography, listing description copy, a virtual reality tour, monthly analytics reports as well as social media and Google Maps integration. It’s priced at a flat rate, making it easy to fit within a marketing budget, and it saves the agent the time and stress of seeking out these services from multiple providers.

Xspaced is lean and agile, with a four-person team servicing both the Bay Area and Los Angeles. They lean on experimentation to help drive new features, and they recently added an offering that creates a webpage for an agent’s listing. Their webpages boast a unique domain name and integrate all the features they offer, including a virtual reality tour and analytics reports. Xspaced is also marketing their VR product to the hospitality industry, allowing customers to take a VR tour of an event space before choosing where to host.


Agents can gain insight into their audience with automated reports.

Xspaced developed their product structure and pricing after speaking with numerous agents and getting a sense of what they found to be major sticking points when marketing a listing. VR is the centerpiece of their offerings, but they are also focused on improving their other features, particularly photography.

Climb Top Producer Kenny Truong has been working with Xspaced, and he is excited about their product’s potential:

“It’s simple, lightweight, and agile. The VR goggles are so cool and immersive that picture quality isn’t as critical as it might be with a photo slideshow.”

You can see a sample from one of Kenny’s listings here, and the listing info here.

Kenny also mentioned a potential use case that goes beyond the standard selling points for VR: transforming open houses into a showcase of multiple properties. Even if someone at an open house isn’t floored with the property, tools like Xspaced would allow them to ‘tour’ other listings using the cardboard VR goggles, converting them into a lead.


With VR, an agent’s entire catalogue of listings is accessible from an open house.

We’re excited to see what Xspaced starts experimenting with next!


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