Thinking about how to make a real estate agent’s life easier (that’s all we do here at CLIMB | LABS), I decided I really needed a visualization, chart, powerpoint, diagram… SOMETHING that would help me capture what it is like for TODAY’s (circa 2016) average real estate agent to work with buyers.

I opted for this funny comic designed by our talented graphic designer, November Garcia. She was CLIMB’s first graphic designer and she helped build our company from a rag-tag group of crazy agents to the brokerage we are today. Her comics are just amazing and I’m a big fan of her work.

The illustration starts off on the TOP RIGHT with a real estate agent fielding leads (notice the laptop computer he is using – looks a logo of a bunch of “Bananas”… haha) …. then hunting for properties in the city… then actually visiting each and every property… then writing an offer… inspections/escrow… and finally closing and handing off keys… rinse and repeat!

We’re going to break down each of these stages into “problems” that can be solved with the latest technologies out there. Every step of this process can be made easier with the help of smart ideas, enabling an agent to serve more clients more effectively and making the experience a happy and easier one for the buyer – our ultimate goal.

Stay tuned…

 Working With Buyers Working With Buyers Illustration by November Garcia!


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