climb | labs is our playground, our testbed, our launchpad.

It is where real estate and innovation intersect for our brokerage . . . and we welcome buyers, sellers, our partners and the real estate industry as a whole to join us in helping reinventing the future of real estate.

In the past two decades we have witnessed a gradual transformation of this very traditional business through technology: mobile, social and what I call “instant connectivity” – immediate access to information and processes, deep transparency, and direct feedback right now.

climb | labs is working to accelerate and guide this transformation, merging traditional ways with new technologies and business logistics. We seek to meld the traditional with the innovative and the familiar with the unknown, because it is only at this intersection that really good ideas bloom.

Some people are wary of new ideas; we believe that almost all new ideas have potential for GOOD – and the more people in real estate we have intellectually and actively involved, the greater the opportunity for serendipity, because the best use of a new idea is often unexpected by the very people who created it. More minds = more inspired innovation.

To see change in motion, view our new shared workspace in downtown San Francisco at our Coworking Spaces.

The real estate brokerage industry is one of the most fascinating industries I have ever worked in. Look to our blog for our latest thoughts on the current state of real estate.