9c2d8af2cc24de019b27c842ab610f6aNote from the editor: This is a guest post by Textline, one the companies featured at the upcoming Climb Cocktail Party and Tech Crawl. You can read about the other companies here, and sign up for the event here.

Teams can share a phone number for texting clients and tenants

Buyers, sellers, and tenants likely prefer texting to email or phone calls. But, when agents and property managers share their personal cell phone numbers with clients and tenants, they find themselves on call 24 hours a day.

Textline solves this problem by supplying real estate professionals with a business phone number their team can share for text messaging. Conversations can be seen by the whole team, who can share the responsibility for prompt replies.

Century Partners is a real estate development firm with a unique business model, working to help revitalize Detroit. Co-founder, Andrew Colom, uses Textline to schedule viewings, manage rental applications, and to handle tenants’ maintenance requests.

Other Textline benefits:

  • Handle text messages from a computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Reply quickly with auto-responses and shortcuts
  • Colleagues can cover for you seamlessly
  • Transfer text messages to a teammate (like transferring an old-fashioned phone call)
  • Leave your phone on but turn Textline off

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