Climb_Berry_St_Office_0006Looking to capture the physical presence of the traditional street-level retail brokerage in a residential neighborhood, CLIMB experimented with a corner commercial condo in the heart of booming Mission Bay and teamed up with non-profit SF Made to create a pop-up shop selling products made by local craftsmen and artists.

Motivation: this is a very residential area with few retail amenities. We were wary of the reaction to a real estate brokerage office opening when basic services are more desirable such as a grocery. The residents of the area – home to hundreds of rentals and condos want a cafe, delicatessen, grocery shop, wine store, restaurant, over a real estate brokerage. Being sensitive to the needs of the community, we wanted to a company that provides value to the residents already living here. Partnering with SF Made and hosting a pop-up shop in our office was the perfect answer to this problem. We provide a channel for SF-based craftsmen, artists and local manufacturers to sell their quality products, supporting the livelihoods of the local artist community and creating jobs. Homeowners and residents have a rotating variety of interesting and useful products for purchase right on their block. It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.


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