realscout map searchAt CLIMB, we really, really, really emphasize making lives for our agents and clients easier… I mean after all, a brokerage value proposition is to provide the best “platform” for agents to do their job namely – serve their clients.

With billions of dollars in venture funding invested in the “real estate technology” space over the past few years (a record $1.7 billion in 2015 alone), there has been a mini-explosion of proverbial “shiny new pennies” vying for brokerage, agent and sometimes, buyer/seller dollars. At CLIMB | LABS, we see a lot of new products and ideas and very rarely do we find something so compelling that we decide to deploy the product “brokerage-wide”. However, every once in a while, we come across a product that is really shiny… truly special, solves multiple problems for everyone.

RealScout is one of them.

Feature Search

Firstly, they do real estate search… differently. In addition to the standard map-based IDX search everyone and their mother provides (which really looks good), they also provide a more natural “feature-based” search that really resonates with what buyers want to see. It goes beyond “2BR/2BA between $1,400,000 and $1,500,000” by allowing a buyer specify touchy-feely categories like “Large Backyard”, “Luxury Bathrooms”, “Open Floor Plan”, “Near Google Shuttle”, “Near Whole Foods”, or “Natural Light” etc.

realscout feature search realscout location search

They accomplish this NOT by providing an interface for you to search a field the MLS provides (the real problem is that agents don’t consistently use these MLS-provided features), but by automatically “tagging” properties using a combination of machine vision, a branch of computer science that uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to identify what’s in a picture, and probably a room of monkeys (I am kidding) to tag properties one-by-one. This is part of their “secret sauce”….

This by itself is a game-changer for real estate search… but wait there’s more.

Buyer | Agent Collaboration

I should really call this Buyer-Agent Automation  because it really does help automate the communication between a buyer’s search and an agent’s understanding of it. Rather than go back-and-forth over email, phone, text, carrier pigeon, an active buyer’s activity and comments on a property is displayed on an “Agent Dashboard”. Filter your “Live Feed” by which properties they viewed, saved, hid, opened and rejected…

realscout dashboard

See their ratings of a property and notes in the “Messages” tab. An agent can then note, what buyer is actively looking for properties, what that buyer is thinking of the property and BEST of all, no extra communication step between agent and buyer is needed (can you say “friction reduction”?).  Nice.

Safe Searching…

The other value RealScout provides for agents is a “safe” place for their clients and leads to search – away from the constant advertisements to use another agent by other property search portals such as Zillow, Trulia and Redfin, among others.

zillow property search

Searching on Zillow, a buyer is presented with other agents to contact

Life is Better with RealScout

I can go on and on about RealScout. Bottom-line: RealScout has been a breath of fresh air for our brokerage, our agents, and their clients that use the service. We discussed several features of the platform why it’s better, but in the end, our agents are able to service their clients more effectively with the service. Clients are happier because of it, and that’s ultimately why CLIMB rolls with RealScout.

Curious?  Try out my RealScout page.

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