As early adopters to RealScout’s buyer collaboration platform, we are big believers in the team and product which keeps getting smarter and smarter with time.

The new features they have introduced including Broker360, and Market360 really help to deliver the promise of a buyer / agent platform.


The Dashboard allows you to see what buyers are active and how many emails were opened by your buyers today. You also see the agents messaging you to alert you that a buyer is interested in their listing.



For listing agents, you can see across your firm how many buyers match your listing and exactly which agents …



Their new features allows you to check out your Brokerage Listings and then see which of your buyers “match” these company listings.


Truly helpful features for not only the buyer agents, but listing agents and brokerages.

Speaking with the executive team, we’re very excited for the future of this platform and how it will change the practice of selling real estate.


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