Back when Microsoft offered gadgets that would sit in the Sidebar in Windows Vista, we found them to be very useful at displaying important information right on the desktop: weather, stock prices, memory or CPU resource allocation, number of unread emails you have, were all available on your desktop at a glance. Why not build gadgets that would display realtime real estate data straight from the MLS on your desktop all the time? Do you want to see all the active properties in the Marina?  How about only 2BR’s in the Marina?  How about 2BR’s in a specific BUILDING?  How about all properties over $2.0M in South Beach?  How about ALL of these properties displayed in REAL TIME on your DESKTOP like a STOCK TRADER? You can have widgets for all of those searches with our CLIMB MLS Desktop Gadgets. Speed and access to information was paramount especially when speaking with LEADS who really appreciate a knowledgable agent. Climb’s MLS Desktop Widgets enabled CLIMB’s agents to have information right on their desktop, without having to first open a web browser, go to the MLS, login to the MLS, and then finally perform the search. Unfortunately, due to serious security vulnerabilities, Microsoft discontinued gadgets in 2011 and with the rise of smart phones, and ready availability of property information on the Internet, “searching” for property information for clients had become less of a function expected of real estate agents and the need for instant information on your desktop was not as important.

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