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 is a great agent productivity enhancement for our agents.

The process of sending disclosures out and tracking what / who is actually reviewing them is a great time-saver and allows listing agents to really understand just exactly who is interested in their property and who isn’t.

Here’s a sample property for sale along with all of the disclosure documents. Clicking on the “Activity” button on top right, brings the insights agents are looking for.

climb is early adopter of


Activity and insights about the listing and the buyer or buyer agent interaction with the disclosure package appears next.

Listing agents then have a good idea just how serious the buyer is about the property as well as *WHAT* they are interested in.
get insights from disclosures


There’s a lot of potential in the product and including archival of disclosures, searching of terms / documents and surfacing data / analytics about properties and their issues, document and disclosure automation and more.

Climb Labs is working with on getting more of this insightful data on a city-wide / brokerage-wide level.

Stay tuned….

Mark Choey, Climb Labs

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