Folio is a new tool for Gmail built by Amitree, who focus on tools that agents use to guide their clients during closing. Folio is like a Gmail assistant that automatically organizes all the emails, files, contacts, and key dates for each transaction automatically. Transaction management tools address the paperwork, but the real ‘hub’ of a transaction is still in an agent’s inbox, which is where Folio comes in. It transforms an agent’s Gmail account into a deal manager they can use with their clients.

It works by scanning your inbox for transactions. When it finds one, it puts it in a ‘Smart Folder’ (using Gmail labels) labeled by the address. It detects all the contacts and files related to the deal and makes them accessible in a handy sidebar that shows up for each transaction. This is where the deal timeline with key dates lives — Folio starts you off with a date it can automatically detect such as ‘offer accepted date.’ You then fill in the rest with helpful prompts for common dates and contingencies. These dates get added to your calendar and can be shared to your clients’ calendars too. When you change a date, everyone gets updated.

But the real kicker is that each timeline also gets its own website which you can share with your clients. The site guides them through every step of the closing process as you define it. You can add your preferred providers and resources here. It’s a dashboard for your clients that you control.


Folio is free, so give it a shot and let us know what you think. You’ll need Gmail and Chrome to use it.

Amitree will be attending Climb’s Tech Crawl and Cocktail Party on August 4th at our Potrero Hill office. Sign up to attend here.

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