Climb Rolls Out Loop & Tie Partnership

Just imagine: you close a deal! You’re excited!  You’ve either helped your buyer buy their dream home or you helped your seller get top dollar! Congratulations. Time to run out and find a closing gift for them.


What do you get them? You want to buy them something special… something unique… something other than a bottle of wine, a gift card, a gift certificate to a restaurant they already went to, or the dreaded gift basket.


Nothing Wrong with this Gift Basket... but... we want to get something nicer....

Nothing Wrong with this Gift Basket… but… we want to get something more memorable….


If, after racking your brain and driving all over town, you settle on an unmemorable bottle of wine or gift basket, it’s just going to put you in the bucket of yet-another-unforgettable-gift from lame service-person. Good job.
If you don’t want to get something boring and generic, that means thinking hard about who your client is, and what makes them unique as a person. Your client could be a single male or female young professional, a married couple without kids or married with children (new born baby, young children, teens) or they could be empty-nesters, and so on.

Not only that, you have to do the shopping. Either driving, or shopping online… even shopping online we find is problematic… millions of choices of things you could get….and if you do find something, you often CANNOT gift wrap nor add a message to what you buy which means you have to ship it to yourself, open it, wrap it, write something and then deliver it to them somehow. I’m getting tired just typing this.


Loop & Tie founder Sara Rodell had a problem: she wanted to provide unique gifts people will actually want. Designed to “help busy professionals send awesome gifts,” Loop & Tie was the answer, and after trying it out at CLIMB | LABS, we think her team has delivered.



The whole process is so easy, it’s amazing someone didn’t think of it sooner.

Step 1) Choose a dollar amount.


Within each dollar category sits an assortment of curated gifts guaranteed to satisfy every age, ethnicity, and social demographic group out there! Here’s some sample gifts from the $500 category: I have the Optishot Golf Simulator but I want this “Multifunctional Coffee Table”, the “Magnetic Punk Light”, the “Q-Bot”…

Selection of gifts from the $500 basket... I want all of these things except the Lobster Feast..I'm allergic.

Selection of gifts from the $500 basket… I’ll skip the Lobster Feast..I’m allergic :-p

Step 2) Choose a design for your card

Select a design for your card from the available templates. They have an assortment of tasteful, pre-made designs. Then, type your message…


3) Enter your recipient’s email, review and SEND!

That’s it. You’re done!

Thank you for the Gift!

In your Loop & Tie Dashboard, you can see when they opened it, when it was shipped and when it was delivered.  The gift recipient has the opportunity to thank you for the gift and you get a nice note back.

loopandtie dashboard_censored


Wrapping Up

Loop & Tie has engineered a modern day solution to a task every real estate agent needs. But better yet, it’s a problem every person has. In fact, I’ve used this service for sending other gifts too:

  • birthday gifts
  • condolences and sympathy gifts
  • thank you gifts
  • and thinking of you gifts.

We are proud to be offering Loop & Tie on the CLIMB Platform.

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