25_Taylor_0015Real estate brokerages and their large, expensive half-empty offices are a dated concept. When starting CLIMB, we struggled with the paradox of requiring a large street-level office space for real estate agents whose primary jobs are usually spent OUTSIDE of the office. Today’s real estate agent is mobile, out-and-about, dynamic, agile, meeting people and seeing properties. Half the desks in any productive real estate office are naturally going to be empty – a highly inefficient allocation of resources, in the on-demand, sharing economy we live in. Likewise, they tend to work on the go – at home, from their listings, in a coffee shop, and increasingly from their smartphones.


The concept of needing a large physical retail space to be a billboard for customers walking by on Main Street and a centralized home for each of the agents in the company is quite frankly passé and really not the best business model in a space-constrained metropolis like San Francisco.

Coworking spaces have become very popular among startups, particular technology startups in San Francisco. Also called telecommuting spaces, “hot desking”, flex-office space, or virtual offices, they work well for technology startups. The spaces are managed, complete with printers/copiers, conference rooms, refreshments, maintenance, and fast Internet. Just come, sit down, work, and take off: instant office presence.


They work even better for real estate companies that not only need their workers out in the field, but can benefit even more than technology startups from networking synergy – and are best of all for real estate brokerages who stay nimble. We have opened what we think is the very first real estate brokerage office in a coworking space.

For us it is more than a community of innovators; this is who our clients are, and whom we want to be around – the other companies sharing a coworking space. Instead of bringing the office to people walking by on Main Street, this brings it right to where they work. Contributing to the coworking community by being a resource on the topic of real estate adds connectivity, value, and boosts business. Mingle, integrate and only good things can happen.


We chose the location at 25 Taylor in the heart of San Francisco and the suddenly hot mid-Market / Tenderloin at the intersection of 6th and Market St. — we are big believers in the revitalization of this long forgotten and crime-ridden area, and we are also throwing our support behind the area’s renaissance.











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