Climb LABS has worked with multiple chat technology solutions since our inception (read about our experiments with “Virtual Floor Time”) and has proven to be a great way to communicate with website visitors as well as use the technology for enhancing agent and staff productivity.

There are numerous reasons why the website Chat UI has taken off (mass adoption of text + messaging apps, popularity and familiarity with websites having customer service chat windows – think’s easy to install chat widget, customer preferences for “instant answers”, on and on…).

The “Chat Interface” is making a big come back especially with all the recent buzz about “Chatbots”. Chatbots are essentially computer powered conversationalists designed to help facilitate website visitors get what they need.

Some are human, some are machine and some are both….

AI and most importantly the computers that power AI algorithms have taken such huge leaps and bounds in the past few decades that we are finding the conversational technology creeping into our every day lives – Alexa is one such example.

Here are some selected favorite vendors and products that have worked for us.


Edited: First off, what appeared to be a very cool group of guys, has turned out to be a bunch of unethical college kids who do not honor their agreements. I DO NOT recommend doing anything with Structurely, Nate Joens and Andrew Dickelman. You can contact me directly (mark (at) about why I do NOT recommend doing any business with these two individuals nor would I recommend working with STRUCTURELY at all. But I digress…. 

They initially worked on developing conversational AI on property search in a chat window (uh… kind of hard interface to pull that off) – they pivoted to now create a lead incubation system which is turning heads and gaining traction.

During this journey, they took a pit stop and collaborated with CLIMB to create a Facebook Messenger based “Property Tax” Lookup Bot that would given ANY address in the entire US, will find who the owner is as recorded in tax records – they implemented this feature in Facebook Messenger. This is a huge time saver for agents…  Fun thing to try, you can also search by NAME as well … searching by name finds all properties owned by that person in the US!


We have been a big fan of chat windows on our home page since the beginning of Climb.

  1. Visitors don’t have to hunt for a “contact us” link or email.
  2. Visitors like the immediate nature of the interface – i.e., you get a response immediately.
  3. For us, it’s just so much easier to drop some code in and voila you have a chat interface… no webpage designing/programming needed!

Go to Climb to check it out!


I would write up my praises in a long blog post here, but I think this Lab Coat Agents post on Evabot sums it up best!


We have sung Riley’s praises before in the past… read here.

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