Live Streaming for Real Estate

Anyone who has used the internet in the past six months knows the sudden popularity of live streaming. Starting with Twitch, Periscope, and Meerkat, streaming is being developed and supported on [...]

The Bots are Coming!

We live in a world filled with messaging. 2.1 billion people use some messaging app. In fact, most of us use only about 7 apps on our phones and a number of those are almost always a messaging [...]


In 2015, we were turned on to an innovative Agent-Buyer Search Collaboration Platform, RealScout. After a short trial, we deployed the product brokerage-wide to great adoption among our agents [...]

MLS Gadgets

Back when Microsoft offered gadgets that would sit in the Sidebar in Windows Vista, we found them to be very useful at displaying important information right on the desktop: weather, stock [...]

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