Climb Partners with roOomy

As part of our continuing effort to make the real estate sales process as easy and fun as possible for our clients, we hunt for products and technology that can take a sale to the next level. In [...]

Pokemon Go For Real Estate

Pokemon Go has proven to be a fad of unprecedented volume and scope; its popularity is historic, and it inspired a massive wave of written and video content that only added accelerated the growth [...]

Xspaced and the Future of Virtual Reality

The virtual reality for real estate marketplace is loaded with awesome new technology, all of it designed to bring potential buyers closer to their ideal home, even if they can’t visit it in [...]

Google Virtual Reality for Real Estate

Every agent, no matter how successful, has to deal with constant scheduling conflicts. Simple interactions like a phone call can get postponed, while longer commitments like open houses get [...]

Thoughts from Inman NYC 2016

Two weeks late with this post, but just some quick thoughts from Inman NYC 2016 worth noting – my first time going to the Right-coast Inman show and I must say it was definitely eye-opening [...]