The weblog or BLOGGING revolution really took off around in the 2004-2006 time frame. Blogs really gave the power of publishing to the author. No longer did one have to know complicated HTML nor website design programs such as Dreamweaver, all you had to know how to do was WRITE. Blogging platforms could take care of the rest.

When I started my real estate career in 2005, I was always frustrated with:

  1. the general lack of useful real estate information for clients (buyers and sellers),
  2. any useful information you did find online was not transparent (sign up today for a free report!  contact us today for a free consultation!  contact an agent for information!),
  3. and the general difficulty of a rising real estate agent to reach the public.

Out of these three frustrations came, a blog about all of the new buildings (mostly condominiums) coming to the San Francisco Bay Area.



2015 sfnewdevelopments


all sfnewdevelopments from 2006-present

sfnd screenshot


2006 sfnewdevelopments


2007 sfnewdevelopments

2011 sfnewdevelopments

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