TheoTour List of PropertiesClimb was among the first to adopt Theo’s ground-breaking app for San Francisco real estate agents. It was called TheoTour in 2013 (it now has evolved to MyTheo). In practically every real estate market nationwide, there is one or multiple days that are open house days for the real estate agents. They go during these days to “preview” the property for clients they are working with or going to check out the “competition” to see what the market is offering in relation to their own listings. The current MLS vendor (Rappatoni) did not support San Francisco’s specific needs very well and did not provide a very good smart phone solution. Not only that but any requested changes would be prohibitively expensive to develop just for San Francisco.

Before Theo came around with TheoTour, the best way San Francisco real estate agents would organize their tours would be to PRINT long paper-wasting lists (anywhere from 15-30 pages) of properties that were “on tour” and simply circle/highlight the ones an agent wanted to check out. TheoTour changed everything for our agents, allowing one to access San Francisco Broker Tour properties right from their iPhones and save the paper-wasting habits of hundreds of real estate agents.

Today, TheoTour has morphed into a very useful all-purpose MLS tool for agents called MyTheo. It is currently the only native iPhone app that can access the SFAR MLS. We are proud to be a part of their evolution and continue to support their development.

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TheoTour Splash screen

TheoTour List of Properties

TheoTour Choosing Property Criteria

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