climb labs using stanzaEveryone uses their Calendar app on their iPhone / Droid or their GMAIL / Outlook / iCal application. However, getting events into the calendar is a very manual, tedious and sometimes error-prone process (don’t you hate when you enter in the wrong date/time?).  Subscribing to a calendar has always been possible using the iCal or CSV format, but depending on the calendar you are using, has issues and is not straightforward to do. Wouldn’t it be great if you could monitor events from an organization/individual without always having to add it to your calendar?
Here’s where Stanza comes in. Stanza’s smart Add-to-Calendar button creates a live channel of communication between busy people searching for a home, and all of the great properties Climb has to offer.

Stanza allows Climb to create and share a Timeline of open houses for their clients to view and add to their personal calendar. The Timeline is a visual of all upcoming open houses and users have the option to sync the whole calendar or select individual open houses to sync instead. Stanza then continues to push event updates (time/date changes), new information (parking/where to meet) and other relevant information directly to the user’s calendar.

By subscribing to the Climb Labs Add-to-Calendar button (, you’ll be the first to know when there’s a new open house near you, and you’ll know that your information is the most up-to-date.

We are experimenting with other uses of this including transaction coordination events between clients and agents. It’s always a problem for both agents and clients to remember the myriad critical dates on a home purchase or sale – by having Stanza manage this process by having all parties involved be notified of contract “events” especially if it’s through the “Notifications” screen on smartphones, a lot of time going back and forth over email could be saved.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!


Here’s a great article by Craig Rowe (@hikeclimbsurf) of Inman reviewing the possible uses:


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