Real estate transactions are time consuming, no doubt about it. One of the reasons for the enormous friction around buying and selling real estate is the need for a physical visit and tour of the property. If I were to break up this time into three components:

1) the scheduling with an actual human being to be visit the property
2) the need for an escort to accompany whoever needs to see the property in person
3) the actual time it takes to physically walk/drive/fly to the property
4) the time it takes to walk around the property to see it in person.

We were contacted by an amazing startup, Matterport, who have created amazing immersive virtual tour technology – they wanted to collaborate with us to see if we were willing to trial their new camera and software with our agents and their listings. We were truly wowed by their technology and the experience. I would describe this as Google Street View for interiors with the integration of floor plan and house visualizations that I have never seen before.

Using realistic indoor 3D virtual visualizations of properties can really help with all 4 of the time problems above – of course it doesn’t replace physically being there (you want to also experience the home with your other senses, sound, temperature, smell, overall “feeling” of the home), but it is markedly better than the standard wide-angle pictures we see or even the old-school “virtual tours” (e.g., Quicktime VR, etc.).

Take a look and let us know your feedback (contact me)!


Take a test drive of Matterport’s amazing virtual walk through technology


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