google+screenshotIn 2006, CLIMB was among the earliest adopters to move enterprise email, contacts, and calendeering to the “cloud”. Google Apps for Your Domain was introduced in August of 2006 allowing one to substitute the “” domain, to our own domain name “”. Google’s popular email, contact and calendar platform was available as a FREE service to all CLIMBSF.COM agents. Moving away from Microsoft’s feature-rich and very bloated Outlook software with their gigantic “.PST” files which required local storage on a desktop/laptop and regular backup otherwise risking losing literally EVERYTHING was like TYLENOL to this IT-support headache.

Moving your critical email/contact functions to the cloud meant our agents were freed from having to be TIED to the same computer or laptop.  Ever since switching to an ALL-GOOGLE platform, we haven’t looked back. Google continues to extend their Apps platform, providing application extensions developed by 3rd party developers via their GOOGLE APPS store, ubiquitous access and full backups, all for a very reasonable price, our agents are highly efficient and productive. Today we continue to enjoy this platform and utilize every app we can get our hands on to enhance our sales force productivity.

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