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Lifestyle filters in home search is not a brand new concept, but at Lifestyledlistings.com we’ve taken it to a whole different level. No boring slide bars connected to mundane data like grocery stores and banks. Want a home in California that’s great for sailing, wine tasting, and surfing, and also has high ceilings, a pool, and ocean view for under $800k? We’ve got that covered! See those results here

The ability to discover and browse homes across different markets all connected by their fit to a consumer’s specific lifestyle interests and property preferences is something that we’ve never seen before. With this new capability comes a new opportunity to keep established client-agent relationships in place. That is something consumers and agents alike should be very happy about.



As a dedicated real estate agent your focus is on the market you live and breathe. But what happens when your clients and contacts have property interests that take them outside of your area? Maybe it’s retirement, a new job, or a second home, but when it happens, how do you maintain your connection with those clients you work so hard to serve? Send them to Zillow where they’re limited to basic search parameters and bombarded by paid advertising? We hope not…

From our research, the vast majority of Realtors don’t communicate their value to clients searching out of area, and not surprisingly the average consumer doesn’t consider their local agent to be helpful when considering out of area property. No wonder NAR estimates a mere 4% of transactions involve one agent assisting their client to find another agent and home in a new market.

It’s our mission to change that, because when moving from one market to another, the consumers are at the biggest disadvantage.


Trust is the number one concern consumers have when selecting an agent, that is why we connect consumers to the local agent they already know and trust, in a collaborative search environment. For the first time, consumers and their preferred local agent don’t have to cut ties just because the client is moving further than is reasonable to drive to showings.

When it’s time to connect with another agent, our extensive network of Lifestyled Agents comes recommended only when there is a match between their local knowledge in lifestyle interests or property type, and your client’s needs(see map below of 1,300+ and growing fast). Common interests with your client provides a place to start building a trust relationship, and having you involved makes sure your client is always taken care of. There are already business guidelines in place with the agents we recommend so that connecting you, your client, and the local agent is a seamless process.



Even since our soft release last month, our new collaborative search tool has seen some truly great results including successful connections to buyer agents in the new markets we helped clients and their local agent find. Case studies are in the works, but  the key takeaways are:

  • consumers facing long distance moves tend to experience more stress
  • stress levels are reduced by involving a trusted Realtor earlier in the process
  • when involved earlier in the process, Realtors were more likely to represent that client in selling locally and referring them to a great agent in the destination market than if they had waited to be contacted


Our mission is to help agents assist their clients in finding the best locations and homes no matter where in the U.S they may be looking.

However, each market is a new landscape, and especially one as unique as San Francisco. For starters, the city is made up of less than 40% families, the median home price is over $1 million, and the public schools are lower in quality than is to be expected given the price of homes. The big draw in SF is the job market, but how long will that hold people here, and what will end up making them move if they leave?

We predict that those leaving San Francisco will be younger buyers than most relocation candidates, and are likely to be leaving San Francisco for more family friendly and affordable locations. Partnering with a high caliber company like Climb allows us to learn more about home buyers leaving urban centers. While we have some clues from Census Migration Data about where they may be headed, and why, we’re betting on some surprises!

If you would like to get involved please contact our co-founder Jiro Wiseman jiro@lifestyledlistings.com for more details.


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