The consumer drone industry really took off around 2013 and their uses continue to multiply. As drones get more sophisticated in its capabilities, better in manufacturing quality, cheaper in price, their applications really have taken off: real estate photography being one obvious application. Real estate photographers started offering drone photography as an add-on service. Always wanting to try something new we worked with Open Homes Photography to fly around the largest and one of the highest profile condo buildings in the city, The Infinity (the Infinity is a 650 luxury condo project next to the Embarcadero waterfront and developed and designed by New York-developer Tishman Speyer and Heller Manus/Architectonica).

I think you will agree that the results are truly outstanding.

infinity drone 2

infinity drone 3

infinity drone 4

infinity drone 5

infinity drone 6

infinity drone 7

infinity drone 8

infinity drone 9

infinity drone 10

infinity drone 11


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