In 2015, we were turned on to an innovative Agent-Buyer Search Collaboration Platform, RealScout. After a short trial, we deployed the product brokerage-wide to great adoption among our agents [...]

Virtual Tours – Part Deux

Real estate transactions are time-consuming, no doubt about it. One of the reasons for the enormous friction around buying and selling real estate is the need for a physical visit and tour of the [...]

CLIMB Airstream Office

What do you get what you mix a food truck with a brokerage office? The CLIMB Airstream. CLIMB pioneers the concept of a mobile real estate brokerage with this [...]

The Paperless Office

This glass table is how our transaction coordinator’s desk ALWAYS looks.  With the advent of electronic signature applications like Docusign, electronic document creation like Winforms, [...]

The Modern Real Estate Office

We felt very strongly that our office had to have an open floor plan and without assigned seating. We want agents to come to the office, share information, collaborate: our thought was that [...]